The theory of biological evolution holds that the first living cell evolved through natural processes from non-living matter and then into all of the different kinds of living things in the biosphere. Proponents of the theory hold that this process took place over hundreds of millions of years and that once the machinery to transmit genetic information had evolved, the evolution of all of the different kinds of organisms occurred through a process of mutation and natural selection. The famous philosopher of science Karl Popper wrote: "I have come to the conclusion that Darwinism is not a testable scientific theory but a metaphysical research programme,"(K.R Popper, Unended Quest, 1982, Open Court, La Salle and London, p. 168.) However, recent discoveries in many branches of natural science have, in fact, contradicted the fundamental tenets of evolutionary theory.

This website presents some of the most important scientific evidence from sedimentology, thermodynamics, mineralogy, nuclear physics, genetics, paleontology and molecular biology demonstrating that evolution is a scientific impossibility.

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